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St Ita’s Hospital Watermain Infrastructure Upgrade:

St Ita’s Hospital Watermain Infrastructure Upgrade
Client Health Service Executive
Location Portrane, Co. Dublin
Consultants P. Herr & Associates
Completion Date 2014

The project involved an upgrade to the existing cast iron water main infrastructure on the grounds of St Ita’s Hospital in Portrane.

The hospital and infrastructure were constructed in the 19th century with little information available on existing services and layouts.

Services provided on this contract included:

Extensive site investigation works to determine and map the location and layout of the water main network at critical locations. The existing network consisted of 3”, 4”, 5” and 7” cast iron mains with extensive loss of water through leakage on the vast campus.

New water mains and valves were installed to link the network and improve the fire flow availability.

All existing ball outlet hydrants (50no.) were replaced with bayonet hydrants including replacement of all chambers, marker posts and reinstatement. An air valve and bypass pipework was installed in the existing water tower on site.

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