River and marine environments can be some of the most most challenging environment encountered by the civil engineering profession. It is vital for those who work in the river and marine sectors to have an in-depth understanding of water and how it interacts with its surroundings.

Through our multi-disciplined teams, we provide specialist engineering and construction services for river and marine projects – rehabilitation or new build. We work closely with our customer to ensure every project meets or exceeds their expectations.

Our expertise spans the sea, rivers and canals covering a range of projects including flood alleviation works, canal maintenance, quay wall reconstruction and scour protection schemes.

Featured projects

Annagassan Coastal Protection Scheme, Co. Louth

Carlingford Harbour Revetment Works, Co. Louth

Seabank Coastal Protection Scheme

Dredging of Boyne Canal, Co. Meath

Port Oriel Navigation Lights

Blackrock Seawall Repairs