CSR and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Dancor Civil Engineering believes operating responsibly is an integral part in how we work to ensure the end result of each project is both sustainable and commercially viable. The objective of our engineering is to allow each new build to make a positive contribution to the environment, society and the overall economy, while remaining fiscally responsible. We have established a reputation for devising sustainable solutions across a broad spectrum of engineering typologies.

Every day, we recognise that our business activities have an immediate impact on the communities within we work. We engineer using local suppliers and employing local people to support the economy where possible whilst striving for reduction in running costs. We continually improve the services we provide to meet our client’s requirements and are committed to ensure that the company’s activities are conducted in the safest and most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Operating responsibly means applying our core values – safety, quality and ethics – to all aspects of our business. Our commitment to safety, our associate membership of the Construction Industry Register Ireland and our code of ethics underpins our approach towards being the first choice for sustainable construction.